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Stained Glass Windows of the Church of Saint Etienne in Beauvais (continued)

The Church of Saint-Étienne boasts an exceptional collection of 16th-century stained glass windows created by the Beauvaisian workshops of the Le Prince family.

St Jean and St André

St Jean et St André

On the left : Saint Jean the Evangelist.
Beneath him, the men from the donor’s family of the stained glass.

On the right: Saint André.
Beneath him are the donor’s wife and other women from the family.

The Transfiguration and the Life of St Etienne

Transfiguration de St Etienne

The Transfiguration stained glass is modern. The original stained glass was white, except for a fragment depicting the Transfiguration.

The stained glass depicting the life of Saint Stephen dates back to the 16th century.
The scenes depicted are quite enigmatic and relate to lesser-known legends concerning the life of this saint. In the center, there is a fountain (perhaps an allusion to the name of the donor, a ‘De la Fontaine’). The scroll names it the ‘Fountain of the Sovereign Deity.’ It is the blood from the wounds of Christ that flows into it.

The St. Nicholas Stained Glass Window

Vitrail St Nicolas Beauvais

On the left: Saint Nicholas saves the sailors.

Below and in the center: Miracle of the Wheat. Saint Nicholas persuaded sailors to give wheat to the famine-stricken population. The cargo is then miraculously replenished.

On the right: Saint Nicholas and the Three Little Children. At the top: The death of Saint Nicholas.

The Baptism of Jesus by St. Jean Baptiste”

St Jean-Baptiste

On the left, an angel is holding his garments.

On the right, another scene depicts Saint Catherine holding the sword that was used to behead her.
A man is under her feet. It could be her father or the emperor who wanted to force her into marriage.