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Membership in the Beauvais Cathedral Association

Welcome to the membership page of the Beauvais Cathedral Association (ABC).

Historically established in 1987 under the name ESPACE (RNA W601001013), the association became ABC in 2012 (official journal), with the primary objective of ‘enhancing the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the lower works, and the Saint-Etienne Church for predominantly cultural purposes, animating these buildings while respecting the Catholic worship provided for by the law of December 9, 1905, and preserving the cultural heritage they represent…’The Beauvais Cathedral Association is recognized as a Public Interest Association.

Why should you join ABC ?

By becoming a member of ABC, you support our mission of promoting and preserving our monuments. Your annual membership fee contributes to the funding of maintenance and restoration projects for the astronomical clock, cultural and educational events, as well as the publication of books on history and architecture.

How can you become a member of ABC ?

Membership in ABC is open to all lovers of history and art, whether individuals or professionals, residents or visitors. To join, simply fill out the registration form below :

Vous souhaitez adhérer à l'Association Beauvais Cathédrale et soutenir nos projets ? Remplissez le formulaire d'adhésion.

If you prefer, you can also download our Membership Form, print it, and send it to us by mail along with your check.

By joining the Beauvais Cathedral Association, you become a contributor to the preservation of our shared heritage and play a role in passing on our culture and history to future generations.

The resources of the association

The Beauvais Cathedral Association has three sources of income to sustain and fulfill its missions :

  • Memberships
  • Grants
  • Sales of merchandise at the kiosk (including tickets to attend the ‘sound and light’ show of the clock).

Help us, make a donation to the association.

Visitor Count Evolution

The association, primarily funded through purchases and visits to the astronomical clock, has been heavily impacted by the effects of COVID-19. Normally averaging around 180,000 visitors per year, there were only 97,200 in 2020! We had to reduce our staff and consequently significantly shorten the opening hours of St. Étienne Church. We hope that visits will resume soon.
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