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St-Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral is a historic building located in the city of Beauvais, in northern France. Erected in the 13th century, it is considered one of the greatest achievements of Gothic architecture in France. With a height of 48 meters, the Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais is particularly renowned for its vault, regarded as one of the highest ever constructed.

While visiting the Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais, visitors can admire its stunning stained glass windows, intricate sculptures, and unique architecture. The building also houses a collection of religious art objects and two astronomical clocks, bearing witness to the historical significance of the cathedral for the city of Beauvais and for France as a whole.

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais is a must-visit tourist destination for Gothic architecture enthusiasts, historians, and art lovers. Visitors can access the cathedral every day of the week, with extended opening hours during the summer months (see below). Guided tours are also available for those who wish to learn more about the history and significance of this iconic building.

In summary, the Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais is a unique historical and architectural gem that is worth a visit for anyone interested in art, history, and architecture. While you’re in the city of Beauvais, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this marvel of French Gothic architecture.

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